Working from home with a newborn and three kids aged 6 and under!

It’s been a month since we welcomed our youngest into our home and our family and I can assure you that it is chaotic in our household, but a chaos we are grateful for. Our little Baby has eased into her new role as my co-director on various boards with grace and gladly accepts that I crop her out of the frame during Zoom meetings as she quietly feeds. Yes, it’s been a crazy time in which to expand the family as we’ve all been experiencing such uncertainty with the pandemic, but life goes on and we adapt. The joys of having your own business means that there is no such thing as maternity leave and you have to cover all your overheads and get on with work. Creating a comfortable working environment and adequately setting up my space to accommodate working and “mom-ing” was essential. Some people concentrate on creating a nursery – my focus was more on a comfortable office chair so I could feed and churn out e-mails and do virtual meetings with ease.

Another addition to the office is my Epson EcoTank Printer – the L6170  which is a super welcome and useful addition. It’s eco-friendly, as it’s name suggests, and some models can churn out up to 14000 printed pages before you need to buy refills. Yes, no more cartridges are needed – you simply fill the tanks with the ink and the printing quality is incredible. In fact, besides printing out my presentations for work, I’ve used it to print labels for Christmas presents and even wrapping paper for smaller gifts.

The view from my office is also helpful – I’ve always dreamt of a corner office and never quite imagined that it would be a home office. But, this pandemic has changed the world in ways we never imagined. Working from home is a blessing, but it’s also hard to keep focus at times. That’s the joy of motherhood and modern mommy-hood in particular – it’s a constant juggling act, but a rewarding one if you take the time to prepare as adequately as you can.

What is the biggest challenge you have experienced as a working mom or a mom who works from home? I always say that ALL mom’s are working moms as I really feel that the hardest job is being a full-time mom.

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