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As a new mom (well, I suppose not that new any more – I have 6 months of experience), I am a captive audience for any one trying to sell a gadget, gizmo or contraption that promises to make my baby happier,

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Most South Africans know that it takes a village to raise a child. In South Africa, we take it a step further and enlist help from a proverbial “village.”

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Most women have insecurities about their weight – the evidence of this is in the multi-billion dollar industry that surrounds the idea of “just follow our diet and loose those stubborn kilos.”

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When you hear that you’re pregnant for the first time, a barrage of emotions hit you like a 22-wheeler truck without brakes.

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I’ve never had a fear of flying, but flying with a brand new baby – now THAT did send some very cold chills down my spine.