No Dirty Laundry – Spindel Dryer Review

MM Spindel

So, usually, I’m not someone who waxes lyrical about kitchen appliances. But, in the light of the current situation in South Africa with electricity and generally the fact that I like to think I do keep the environment in mind when choosing anything that ends up being used often in our household, I decided to pay a little more attention when I received an offer to review a laundry dryer that promised efficient energy consumption and saving time. And, when you have a child (a 16 month old toddler in my case), you realise every day that time is your most precious resource. (And, of course it would be nice to leave the planet in a liveable state for him and his future siblings.)

I had read enough reviews about the products (see for a lovely review and it’s a sweet blog) to know that it was something that found favour with moms and the conscience. So, when I finally unpacked it and read the instruction manual (I’m old-school like that), watched the YouTube instructional video (I’m new-school like that! Click Spindel Laundry Dryer to view), I was amazed at how easy it was to use this appliance. So, now, I’m hooked. You can still use your normal tumble dryer for a few minutes after spinning the laundry if you are in a rush to wear what you’ve washed, but if you are able to, you can literally hang out your 6.5 kg of laundry for a bit and voila! (there is a smaller capacity one of 4.5kg, but in my mind, bigger is better!)

Lots of the soap residue lands up in your bowl that you put at the spout where the water comes out and you realise how much is still retained in your clothing after you wash it. So, all in all, a very pleasant experience for the Modern Mommy and good for you and the environment and your pocket as it retails at R2199 on


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