My Daddy’s Little Girl

Dad Wedding 2 Dad Wedding Dad Wedding 3 Dad Wedding 4I’m my Daddy’s little girl. Always have been and always will be. I never quite understood the bond between a father and his daughter until our little girl was placed into her dad’s arms as a wriggling little screaming bundle wrapped in a towel. The look that he had in his eyes. Pure unconditional love. I still get teary now just writing that and thinking back to that beautiful morning.


My dad is an incredible father and I love him dearly. I think subconsciously I was looking for a husband who was similar to my dad in terms of how he acted towards his wife and his children. Not too similar, though, as my dad and I have huge differences in opinions. In fact, growing up, my mom would often leave the room to allow us to have our very heated debates, but that’s part of what he taught me despite it irritating him on occasion. He taught me to have an opinion – a substantiated opinion which I should be able to argue for fervently. He taught me that strength of mind and character is important and that I could do anything I set my mind on, if I worked hard for it. He taught me the true value of determination and love, the art of ending a conversation with a joke, even if it was a combative one. I am eternally grateful for every single sacrifice he made while raising my brother and I. For every omelet he would proudly present when it was his turn to make dinner for the kids. The shoes I so hated that he wore to my school tour farewell and then snuck into my luggage complete with a love letter he had written on the shoe soles. He has the most incredible soul which I see reflected through his eyes and when he looks at his grandchildren, I am sincerely glad I am his. Ek’s lief vir jou, my moerspyker J


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  1. Chandre Abrahams
    Wed, 22 June 2016

    I nearly had a teary moment at my desk then I realized I am in an open office space lol I lost my dad at the tender age of 12 and though I feel sad at times I look at my husband and see his love for our boys and thank God for giving my boys the opportunity to experience a father’s love. I do agree it is way different with a daughter.. the love between a father and a daughter is just different… I have to agree..
    PS: So happy to see a few of your wedding pics 🙂

  2. zandi
    Thu, 23 June 2016

    you are an inspiration Joe-Anne

  3. Wed, 29 June 2016

    The love between you two is so loud in these pictures. I was a Daddy’s girl until I lost him a few years ago but feel incredibly blessed for the time we had and that my children have a fantastic father. Beautiful post ❤️

  4. Judeque
    Wed, 24 August 2016

    Beautiful post Jo-Ann and your father’s face in the first picture is just priceless. You can see how proud he is of his darling girl ?❤

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