Motherhood ain’t glamorous, but I’ll do my best to try ;-)

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I found these pics of me carrying my now two and a half year old son in my big belly and felt I had to share them. I had no idea how my life would change a few weeks later when the axis of my world literally shifted and my heart started to beat outside my body for the first time. I am now more vulnerable than I’ve ever been. I love my husband in a way I could never understand until I saw his big strong hands holding his little people with the most gentle touch. I am so grateful to be able to experience this blessing of motherhood which often feels so overwhelming. I have not slept 3 continuous hours for a few days now and am sitting in my gown getting ready to host an event on “How to achieve balance as a working mom” and quite frankly, I have no idea. But, what I do know is that you have to look after yourself to be able to look after others. I put on my smile and wear it as my armour, because if I don’t smile, I could be quite close to tears from sheer exhaustion and sleep deprivation. I make sure that I remember to look in the mirror and say, “You’re doing good, kiddo,” even when the wheels are coming off and I have two kids crying for attention and my energy reserves are low. For a few hours today, I’ll be Cinderella, dressed in beautiful clothes, perfect make-up and wearing impossible shoes that defy gravity and common sense. In between, I’ll run home to co-ordinate vaccinations and playdates and then back to my “glamorous”  working life. A happy mom is the best mom and so whatever it takes, be kind to yourself and do motherhood as you see fit – not how society perceives the “perfect mother” to be.

Because, YOU are the most perfect mother YOUR child or children will ever know.

Lots of love and light,

xx MoMo JoJo (Modern Mommy Jo-Ann)

Photographer: Veronique



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  1. Tue, 18 October 2016

    I am always amazed by your realness and authenticity. Even though I am not a mom, I enjoy reading all your blogpost as it inpires me as a young entrepreneur.

  2. J Martin
    Wed, 01 March 2017

    This is such a late reply but thanks for this post.

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