Mom-ing when you think you’ve hit rock-bottom

MM2-14MM2-16It’s late. No, actually, it’s early. Those crazy hours when you’re not sure if you’re wanting the sun to rise so to legitimise that coffee you’re needing to coax your scratchy eyeballs out from under your perpetually heavy eyelids … or, you just want to crawl under your pillow and not “mom” for a few desperate minutes.


I am typing this post on my smartphone with my poor little snotty creature semi-latched and myself unable to fall asleep with the cute snotty snore coming from my chest. I am due to give a talk on mom-ing successfully and achieving the perfect balance in a few hours to a sizeable audience. I am tired. No, that’s a slight understatement … I’m finish en klaar – moeg, ndidiniwe, Ich bin fertig! However, I am also amazingly calm, because I’ve realised in the past 3 years of either being either pregnant, breastfeeding, weaning, potty-training, etc. that I’m capable of handling more than I ever thought humanly possible.

And moms are able to do the impossible, even when they think the threshold has been crossed. So, chin up, kyk noord, f*k voort and keep on keeping on … because, in just a few years, you’ll be wondering where the time has flown and missing that snotty snore when it’s decided that sleepovers with mom is too uncool 😉

Sweet dreams and may you have a relatively peaceful night ?

Love and light,

Momo aka JoJo akaJo-Ann xx

P.S. i am posting these pretty pictures of me looking like I’m holding it all together glamly to make myself feel better. I am covered currently in snot (not my own) and some milk burp (technically my own, but not quite if you know what I mean …) as well as toothpaste on a pimple that is threatening to join me as I make guest appearances tomorrow at 2 huge events.


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  1. Tammy Perry
    Sat, 10 December 2016

    So so true! Us Moms are the real superheroes, unfortunately most of the time we just don’t feel like superheroes due to the permanent exhaustion! *Cue coffee!!* People say it gets easier as they get older but I have realized that it will never get easier…just different! Different phases require different things from us and different ways of handling it! But as for the time flying part, eish!, that is too true! I heard a saying the other day, “With kids, the days are long but the years are short!!” Wow! Isn’t that just so spot on??? *Cue tears*
    Thank Jo-Ann for keeping things real and making us mamas feel less alone in the daily struggle! You are a gem! ?

  2. mmapula
    Sat, 10 December 2016

    Oh my goodness this is is really hilarious. I love the depth of truth on this blog. The Colgate on the pimple made me literally lol while trying to make sure my little madam stays latched on. Thank you for this post-made me realize that in a few years I might actually miss being covered in milk burp so might as well try enjoy it.

  3. bianca
    Sat, 10 December 2016

    Wow, I read your blog and yep, and those mommy moments we should enjoy before they start saying “mommy don’t kiss me”, its ok mommy I am a beeeggg boy almost a big people(adult). I am sitting hear watching Ice Age, cars on the floor and dinosaurs on my couch. I am exhausted (where you wake up in the morning & still want to roll over) but mommy’s boy needs to have his breakfast. Its been a long year (studying, travelling, being a mom, feeding adult men (who act like babies when ill), working but you know the best moment is coming home and hearing him say “mommy you come from school, for me mommy. I love you and thank you.” Thanks Jo Ann for sharing the reality of it all…..the snotty noses, the fevers, black circles under the eyes’, Your the best

  4. ridwana babamia
    Sat, 10 December 2016

    you looked awesome today, no pimples visible and certainly had it all together. i really enjoyed your talk and humour at the bootcamp. I’m glad you could make the appearance

  5. Lauren Jappie
    Mon, 12 December 2016

    I haven’t had a chance to read your blog in a while because I have been swamped and tired. This one made me giggle and I especially enjoyed the last bit about you sitting with toothpaste on your pimple with snot and bring up on your chest. I always look at your posts and think wow how does she look so perfect all the time? Guess we all have our moments ?

  6. stephanie videira
    Tue, 13 December 2016

    so true, just read a great saying, One person who does the job of 20 for free

  7. dorianne rudolph
    Thu, 15 December 2016

    I’m a new mommy of a 3months old and the thought of baby number 2 is scary but you’ve just restored my faith…thanks Jo?

  8. Sat, 17 December 2016

    Lol oh happy days! I’m trying to mommy fulltime and work full-time.some of the worst and best days of my life but wouldn’t change it for anything.
    When a cuppa at 11pm is quite fine and can be enjoyed hot for a change. Sigh*no tugging at the sleeves to “ome ma” or juice or anything! 😉
    Enjoying these posts so much! We are all not alone ♡

  9. Kariema
    Wed, 21 December 2016

    Jisses vrou. Finally someone not sugar coating true parenting. Well done. We do clean up good though after a heavy night. We must cherish for as long as we can.

    They grow up so fast. In a blink of an eye its school and once they there time flies even faster.

    Nice pics.


  10. Shireen
    Wed, 21 December 2016

    Today, this article is all I needed. Thanks for being so honest. As a mum it’s so easy to see everyone holding it together and think you the only one that’s litreally hanging by a thread!

  11. Kelly Clarke
    Thu, 22 December 2016

    Hi Jo

    Just re-read this post. Thank you so much for sharing. It makes me feel that I’m not alone in this mommy-maze and that we all have more in common than we think.

    Warm regards

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