Modern Mommies on the move ;-) meet Aisha Baker

I remember meeting this pint-sized powerhouse a few months ago after being an avid fan on her social media accounts. In fact, I stalked her so much that when we finally met at a Guess fashion event, I pretty much gushed about specific posts and she must have thought … OK, freak 😉

Well, we’ve moved past the awkward phase and had a fun shoot for Top Billing a few weeks ago where her insta-husband and part-time pro-cricketer (Joking, Wayne Parnell) joined us to discuss what he termed his “sympathetic pregnancy” 😉 We had a good chat and laugh as we are about a month or two apart in due dates. It really is an exciting time and I am super excited for them. Thanks, Tauriq Ajam for the incredible way you always capture the right moments!


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  1. Sat, 14 April 2018

    Whoa, you are amazing, ladies, i’d like to move, but my husband does not allow.

  2. Fri, 11 May 2018

    Love the mom, and best wishes to you

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