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after lifting myself out of their bed (yes, they share a bed), like a “pick-up-stick”. The joys of motherhood means that I am now enjoying a glass of wine (well-deserved) and catching up on work and it’s close to midnight. I managed to carefully extract myself from the cuddle den (it’s quite hard to leave with all the warm puppy breath intoxicating you) and get down to some work, but I had to pause and share some of the truths about motherhood that I lay thinking about:

  1. An impromptu date night is no longer an option. Date nights now require logistical planning that would make the German Postal Service seem inadequate (and we KNOW how precise and more than adequate Ze Germans are!)
  2. You have to celebrate the small wins. And sometimes even the very small wins. Today, I am celebrating that I managed to have a sit down dinner with my kids in a very civilized fashion, (Ok, as civilized as possible alone with two toddlers, but only minimal YouTube intervention was used … and a generous glass of wine for mommy – water restrictions mean that I save water by drinking wine – quite noble of me, I’d say!)
  3. “Mommy you look nice” means he wants something, It still is nice to hear, though. But, beware of ulterior motives as your three year old manages to manipulate you yet again. Yes, he DID need that new little car.
  4. You have to look after yourself to be able to look after them. I mean this one from the bottom of my heart, I’m practicing to be gentle to myself and not to sweat the small things. Tonight, I forgot to brush his teeth. And my baby girl’s 4 teeth too. Just once. I’ll cut myself some slack instead of cutting myself up about it. And worst case, we’ll buy them Hollywood smiles 😉 LOL! NOT!!!
  5. Sometimes you need to laugh – OUT LOUD – even if you’re feeling like you’ve lost the plot and are unable to juggle all the balls. Superwoman, you are FREAKING amazing – motherhood AIN’t for sissies. Laughter is therapeutic. So is red wine. And so are friends. Loud chatting and laughter with your girlfriends releases oxytocin – trust me, you need as much of that feel good hormone as you can get. And chocolate is also good for oxytocin. There, thank me later 😉

Love and light,

Modern Mommy JoJo


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  1. Tasha man
    Sat, 24 June 2017

    Thank you for been real 🙂

  2. Cara
    Tue, 11 July 2017

    I needed that right now … ❤️

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