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MILF by Guest Blogger and Fitness Guru – Tammy Rawstron

There is a fiery determination within each pregnant woman whose new purpose lives inside of her. She is so focused on her new role and as the little being grows her wellness becomes a priority. She is willing to push harder, breath heavier and do everything it takes to give her child a head start in life.

As a coach I have been fortunate enough to see first-hand the strength and determination within a new mother making Jo-Ann and many others an absolute pleasure and inspiration to train.
Growing a human is tough. It is demanding on your body to the point of almost exhaustion and committing to regular exercise is a sacrifice, but sacrifice means giving up something valued for the sake of something else regarded as more important and this little one is becoming your world. Let me assure you that a fitness program can only add value to the both of you during these 9 months.

With sacrifice comes reward:
• Sleep better and sleep is oh so precious now!
• Gain less weight and less gain means less to lose
• Improved body image it’s important to feel good and embrace your preggie glow
• Improved energy levels less of that lethargy feeling
• Boost your mood because endorphins are a very real thing
• Beneficial effects on delivery and post delivery recovery – this is the toughest thing you are ever going to put your body through it’ll be wise to prepare yourself

There is a fear, though,by so many that exercise will do more harm than good.

So follow these guidelines for peace of mind:
• Get a doctors Clearance
• Eat and drink enough always and especially around exercise
• Warm up gently before your session
• Don’t lie flat on your back
• Keep cool at all times: choose a comfortable environment
• Avoid heavy lifts: especially overhead lifts
• Transition slowly between exercises
• Keep moving – make it a habit – long breaks between sessions will make your sessions stressful on the body

Banana Bump Up Breakfast Blend
½ Banana Potassium normalizes blood pressure during pregnancy
Handful Baby Spinach Loaded with vitamins (A,C and K) and folate
4 Walnuts The richest source of plant based omega 3’s
1 tspn Coconut Oil Boasts antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties
2 TBLS Plain yogurt Calcium is vital in a pregnancy diet
½ Cup Ice Blocks
Water Enough for good consistency

Images by Nicky Stowe taken at 15 on Orange Hotel’s Gym in Cape Town

Wearing gym wear by fit.gymwear




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  1. Mon, 26 September 2016

    This is a very interesting read. it sure kills all the myths. I do find a lot of women still do not exercise during the full 9 months.

  2. Megan
    Mon, 26 September 2016

    I am sure most moms can excercise during pregnancy if they are fit and able. However my pregnancy was not the most pleasant experience as morning sickness was my friend for the first 5 months. I remember waking up in the am and running to the loo ??Certain smells instantly drove me back to the loo?(Try lemon, ginger, dry crackers…?) I guess running to the loo was my excercise ?Then came the swollen feet?…

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