Love at first bite! Food fights and first bites …


So, our little-est person is starting her relationship with food. Probably one of her most intimate relationships as we all know just how much of an impact those 3 meals (or however many meals and snacks you wish to squeeze in) make on how you live and how your feel about yourself. gym-mr-muscle-pics-29mm-product-shoot-4-38

We are obsessed with our feeding chair and I’m going to say a huge thank you to the people who distribute BrotherMax here in SA. They delivered the most incredible state of the art and stylish chair (she officially has the best seat in the house) and our baby girl is loving her special place at the table. Mommy is also not complaining as it’s not a garishly ugly piece of baby furniture that makes the house look like it’s ruled by little people.

We are also using all the plates and goodies (best travel spoons and bowls combi’s) and these items are all available for purchase on Takealot or at other online outlets. I also get their items on my Clicks expeditions.

It’s been quite an eyeopener having a baby the second time round. With our first one, we had a special table of what to eat when, which colours on which days, how to monitor pedantically for allergies, introducing food groups one by one, etc. This time round, we mush whatever we are eating generally and she gobbles it up. Generally, I’ve found it makes sense to hand her an extra spoon so that her hands are occupied or else she ends up trying to grab the laden spoon as it makes it’s peril-some journey to the general mouth-end of her being.

Anyway, I would like to give away a hamper from TDI and invite you to share your favourite weaning and feeding stories below.  My son has started deciding what she is allowed to eat and not eat. So cute watching him become her little bodyguard, though I believe he does this to ensure he gets the lion’s share of whatever treats come her way.

Lots of love and light,

xx MomoJoJo (Modern Mommy Jo-Ann – my terrible attempt at a cool pseudonym)




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  1. Angelique
    Wed, 12 October 2016

    Lol …funny enough when it came to the introducing to food my boy loved it. Even open his mouth for more. It was such a suprising experience after hearing other’ s stories about this stage.

    Love & Happiness

  2. Taryn Thomas
    Wed, 19 October 2016

    I am a first time Mom and looking forward to the messy business of feeding an infant.

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