Let’s acknowledge our Co-Moms AKA Nannies

As Mother’s Day approaches and we get ready to celebrate the women who have given us so much … let’s take a minute to reflect on the fact that some mothers are not necessarily the biological moms of our children. I’d like to use this post to acknowledge the “other-mothers” of our children – perhaps a very South African phenomenon, but the nannies we are privileged to have as part of our families are often the unsung heroes who sacrifice being with their own children to help to raise ours. Most of my friends elsewhere in the world marvel at the fact that I am able to be a working mom with two young children. Most South African women know that we are only able to work and achieve in our careers as a result of the fact that women across the country and often from elsewhere on the continent leave their own children to look after the children of those in more privileged positions.

I am beyond blessed to have had an incredible woman as our nanny for almost 3 years now. Without her, I would not be able to go to work with a happy heart, knowing that my children are looked after by someone who loves them like a mother. I remember growing up in Blackheath with an incredible nanny called Mildred and later, Nomvu. I remember these women as such strong parts of my upbringing. I remember once when my brother was ill and crying, he called for Mildred and not my mom, though she was close by and I could see my mom’s feelings were slightly wounded. Today, I could imagine a similar situation in our household. I am sincerely grateful though that I have a co-mother. Yes, she works for me, but it is so much more. Our nannies are an intricate part of our families and provide so much more than just 8 hours of work. They provide love and trust to our most precious little people.

Please share your story below of why your nanny is the best and stand a chance of winning a manicure and pedicure for her and yourself at the spectacular Lume spa in Cape Town. Johannesburg based ladies, I’ll do a specific spa for you soon, but please enter your comments in the meanwhile and I’ll share our Johannesburg spa partner ASAP.

Love and light,

Modern Mommy aka Jo-Ann



Photos of me shot at Camps Bay Retreat by Cameron McDonald for Clicks (this month’s Clubcard cover)

Make up and Hair by Shanaaz Alexander

Styled by Vikash Gajjar in Forever New


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  1. Charlene van Wyk
    Thu, 11 May 2017

    Beautiful blog & lovely gesture! Well done!

  2. Velile Kapalamula
    Thu, 11 May 2017

    When I went back to work, I struggled to get someone reliable co-mom and went through 3 ladies to find our co-mom. She is always on time and she loves our daughter like her own. Reliable co-moms do not get the praise they deserve because more often we concentrate on the bad experiences. Without her I wouldn’t be able to work at peace, when she comes in the morning my daughter gets this huge smile and then I know that she is taking good care of her. I wish I had means to show her how much I appreciate her. Thanks, Velile

  3. Charlene
    Thu, 11 May 2017

    My nanny is simply the best Her name is Co stance.In the last two weeks we had an attempted break in to our property whilst we were on holiday in Durban,however through my nanny being so observant and a quick thinker, she pressed the panic button and they fled.Yesterday a would be robber pressed our intercom and told my nanny he came to collect dirt from our property,once again she did not let him in and immediately called us.She is so proactive and selfless,we are so grateful and blessed to have her in our lives.She treats my son like her own.We can never thank her enough for all she means to us and is in our home.

  4. Raelene
    Thu, 11 May 2017

    My nanny of 12 years is honestly my mom, granny to my children, aunty to my friends and friend to most sea point residents. She could easily run for mayor while she selflessly gives of her time and love to my family of 5. It would not surprise me if a certain percentage of your followers don’t already know her. Francina, better know as “nana” or “bolla” is a brand name in our community. There is not a security guard, shop owner, street sweeper, fashionista or church goer that does not wave, greet or appreciate all she has to offer. I could give enough examples of her courage, loyalty, love and wisdom to write a novel. For now, I would just love to gift her with a mani/pedi.

  5. Kariema
    Fri, 12 May 2017

    Stunning pics. Thank you for sharing. We had a nanny many years ago but due to her health had to leave us, but she was amazing, Mildred Magazi She used to be a cleaning lady at the company hubby worked at years ago, but got retrenched. She made me laugh and cry at the same time. Burned a winter blanket I loved and tought me how to carry my son on my back in a towel. Oh it was hilarious. She refused to allow me to lift a finger during second pregnancy. Still in contact with her as we all adore her. True Gems

  6. Andrea
    Tue, 16 May 2017

    I have had my helper for 8 years. For years, she would babysit my cat and dog when I was away. I had my baby last year in October, and it was no brainer when I had to choose a nanny. She is wonderful with my daughter, she is my right hand and I know I can trust her whole heartedly with everything.

  7. Rochelle
    Tue, 08 August 2017

    This is much later but i want to share about my daughter’s nanny ( we call her ma )
    She is just a little older than me but she a house exec . ( i was blessed with a daughter late in life ) my mom passed away 5 months before my daughter was born and as the end of my maternity leave was drawing closer and closer , i was filled with anxiety, tears and feeling of hopelessness , there was no way i would just leave my daughter at the daycare or someone i do not know . Only for the answer to my prayers to be my neighbour. She loves my daughter like my own . She is an amazing woman , I thank God for sending the right co-mom .

  8. Wed, 04 October 2017

    I don’t know what I would have done without my son’s nanny. She was such a support for me especially as I’m a single mom. She helped me raise my son the first two years of his life 🙂

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