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Ever wanted to give a truly original gift for a baby shower and thought you’d seen it all? Well, I just saw this incredible idea and would like to give you the opportunity to win a 3D print for you or your friend by entering your comment below on the best or worst babyshower gift idea you’ve ever seen.


Futuristic no longer, 2 UCT Geomatic Engineering graduates have now developed an algorithm that will convert 3D ultrasound data into a 3D printable format. Lethabo Motswaledi comes from a family of doctors and the human body has always fascinated her. Together with her classmate Matt Westaway who has his masters in Engineering they spent many afterhours testing and trying out different mathematic formulas and finally cracked the code that will bring joy to many mothers. Lethabo explains “our research showed that there is no sense stronger than the sense of touch. For an expectant mother seeing a 3D print of your baby’s face makes the joy of the pregnancy real to others. Fathers can see who the baby starts to resemble, siblings can get to know the baby and friends and family can see baby’s first selfie.” Lethabo and Matthew have now formed a start-up high tech business hello baby 3D prints and have been thrilled at the positive response from the medical fraternity and have partnered with the Fetal Assessment clinic who perform up to 60 2D Scans a week and between 3-5 3D scans a week. Matthew concludes “3D printing in South Africa is in its infancy and growing fast. Around the world, people are 3D printing almost everything from car parts to vacuum nozzles to chocolate printed selfies and now even babies! Also known as additive manufacturing, the 3D printing market is expected to grow at 45.7% each year according to global research firm Canalys.” With their amazing product, expectant mothers and families no longer have to wait the entire duration of the pregnancy to meet their little one. Mothers are advised to get a 3D/4D scan performed between 22-28weeks. This is the perfect time to perform the scan when there is still enough space in the womb to see their baby’s face. Mothers might even be lucky enough to catch a yawn or a thumb being sucked. Imagine a 3D print of that! The process of obtaining the 3D print has been made as simple as possible. Once the 3D/4D scan has been performed, a 3D volume file is exported from the scanning machine and saved on an external drive. A scan performed by a clinic which is in partnership with hello baby 3D prints will be uploaded tohellobaby3dprints.com’s secure server or the customer goes home with the file to upload themselves. The customer then visits the online store, selects the frame and packaging of their choice and completes the payment order along with their delivery details. Within a fortnight, the hello baby 3D print will be delivered to the customer’s clinic or to their home. It’s that simple. For more details visit www.hellobaby3dprints.com or email [email protected]

Let me know your thoughts below as a comment and possibly win one of these incredible prints!

Lots of love and light!

xx MM


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  1. Thu, 11 August 2016

    What an awesome idea! I think the 3D scan is the one most parents look forward to the most as it gets ‘real’ for the daddies, and you can argue about who the baby looks like most. I would love to win this for a friend Kholo of mine (as I already have a 9 month old) who’s expecting her first little bumble bee soon. Its definitely unconventional and different, and I know she’ll love it.

  2. gabriella
    Fri, 12 August 2016

    I read the article! So amazing how combining science and technology can make such an amazing difference and allow one to hold on to such amazing memories. I’m expecting my first baby and would love to win this prize?

  3. Fri, 12 August 2016

    I read the article! So amazing how combining science and technology can make such an amazing difference and allow one to hold on to such amazing memories. I’m expecting my first baby and would love to win this prize

  4. Nicolene Breed
    Fri, 12 August 2016

    I would love a 3D print of my beautiful son that was born sleeping as the only photos we have of him are the doctor’s scans. This is such a beautiful idea.

  5. Allison
    Sun, 14 August 2016

    My friend recently had a stillbirth ???.
    Would this technology work from a normal photo as well?
    I know she would love anything to hold on to

    • Thu, 15 September 2016

      Unfortunately not, Allison. So sorry to hear about your friend.

    • Jared
      Thu, 27 July 2017

      Hi Allison

      I may be able to help your friend with a 3D print from a photo.

      please email me [email protected]

      regards Jared

  6. Sun, 14 August 2016

    This is one of the most amazing gifts you can give to others or yourself! I am 14weeks pregnant, in my second trimester & I cant wait for my 3D scan*
    Imagine having a 3D Print of your baby to admire and show to friends & family.
    A keepsake that captured a precious moment in time of Gods’ gift to you as parents.
    A 3D print of my little miracle would be such a blessing!

  7. Gasina Simpson
    Mon, 15 August 2016

    I’m mom to 3beautiful daughters … and soon to be gran, come December(God willing), as my middle daughter is expecting a little boy…. I will be accompanying her for her 4D scan soon … (super nervous/excited/humbled). Much has changed since I became a mom … and Modern technology has improved so much that we will be afforded a peep into his world and capture precious priceless moments….reading this article has prepared/educate me so much … and Hello Baby 3D print will be a life long gift family keepsake ..celebrating our family’s 1st grandchild

  8. Mon, 15 August 2016

    hi there this is a beautiful gift idea. I’d like to have two. one for me and one for my best iesh we due a day apart from each other. 21 Oct n 22 Oct. her baby shower is coming up on the 17 September an I think this is something too memorable.

  9. Zelriske
    Mon, 15 August 2016

    Amazing what the new technology can do for us to remind us on our special moments!!! A 3D print of your baby’s face when he was still in your tummy all warmed and cuddly is just awesome and something that i would really LOVE to have.
    I think i have the most Beautiful boy hehehe.
    The worst babyshower gift that i got was dirty second hand Baby clothes i didn’t know where to hide it or what to do. As i received expensive gifts.

    Please please i would LOVE to have a 3D print of my baby’s face♡♡♡

  10. refiloe mohokare
    Tue, 16 August 2016

    I feel that science and technology has out done it self here … I was fascinated when I see the 3d scan imagine now having it for yourself…

    I’m a first time mother, now currently 34 weeks, I would like to win the 3D print as I would like to have something to hold in to. Ive been to a normal scan, but as you know public hospitals don’t always give you the option to have A print out… now imagine if I could have A print out of A 3D print, it would be a dream come true. ..

    A memory of beautiful journey.

  11. Jermina
    Thu, 18 August 2016

    Good Morning

    I will love to have a 3 D

  12. Jenny Knoesen
    Thu, 18 August 2016

    Wow omw wow I think this is so incredibly awsome. I am currently pregnant with my second baby and would love to win a prize like this. I really think if you keep this and five to your child when she or he is 18 the tears of you would show as well. I would like to know of you just have photos of your previous pregnancy if it’s possible to be able to do this incredible thing. Please let me know.

  13. fahtima allie
    Fri, 19 August 2016

    Wow what awsome idea.would be a perfect gift to myself n new baba.currently 21 weeks.

  14. Fri, 19 August 2016

    I am saving this for hoping and praying the near future. My husband and I have not been blessed as yet and according to tests may never be, but we are not losing hope!!! If I ever get the honour of being a mommy I will definitely want to do this!!!! Perfect memento of our little miracle. Congrats and well done to the team at 3D baby for doing something so amazing!!!

  15. Tarynne Koopman
    Mon, 22 August 2016

    Wow! Amazing and absolutely perfect treasure to have. I woukd adore one of these. I became a first time mommy four months ago after struggling to conceive fir over two years. The love i have for my baby girl is indescribable. This print kind of sums up our story in a special and one of a kind way?

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