Giving back to needy communities in a simple way

Giving back to needy communities in a simple way – read on and make a difference!

I’ve written about the mommy network before and how I am always amazed at how moms around the world go out of their way to help other moms. And now, Modern Mommy has been given the opportunity to give back with the help of Milton – one of the world’s most trusted brands when it comes to protecting the health of your little ones.

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Having the responsibility for the health of a brand new person is an overwhelming enough responsibility when one has access to the best healthcare within a 30-minute radius, but what about those moms who do not have the privileges we might enjoy. When I heard that the leading cause of death amongst babies in South Africa was intestinal infectious diseases in 2012, it was even more tragic to know that some of these deaths could have been avoided had the moms and rural clinics had access to proper sterilization packs. The simple rule of “Prevention is better than cure” applies.
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Since the 70’s, Milton has provided a cold-water method to sterilise baby bottles and teats, which makes it a feasible option for communities that might not have access to things that we might take for granted such as electricity or microwave ovens. It has become the number one sterilising solution clinically proven to protect against all household germs like bacteria, fungi and viruses that might threaten your family’s well-being.

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And now, Modern Mommy is super excited to give you a chance to help some communities who would be in need of sterilising solutions through this exciting new initiative. You have the chance to nominate an organization/ childcare facility that needs help with sterilisation of baby bottles and equipment and help them to prevent the spread of diseases like gastroenteritis and diarrhoea.  Simply log onto, click on the “Milton Cares” initiative link and submit your request. You can nominate one of the existing organisations on the website or nominate an organisation of your choice. An educator and Milton Combi packs will be dispatched to the place in need. Once the request has been fulfilled, images and a short write up will be sent to the nominee, allowing them to see the difference they’ve made. Please share this cause using the hashtag #MiltonCares on social media and help us distribute 1000 baby bottle sterilisation packs.

We will also be giving a lucky Modern Mommy reader a Milton Gift pack – simply comment below and share the name of the organisation/ charity you have nominated. Please note that you have to nominate via the website to qualify. Please spread the word about this initiative and help us to help others.


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  1. Roselie
    Tue, 07 October 2014

    Baby Therapy Centre in Pretoria was my choice! 🙂

  2. Lynn Scheepers
    Mon, 13 October 2014

    Brilliant Initiative.. thank you!!! have nominated A Place Called Home Foundation!

  3. Sundrie Naidoo
    Mon, 13 October 2014

    Please consider Cotlands.
    Cotlands is a non profit early childhood development organisation addressing the needs of vulnerable children aged birth to six years through early learning development play groups and toy libraries in poor communities.

  4. Diane Fredericks
    Thu, 16 October 2014

    I nominate Heaven’s Nest

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