Give us our daily … Dish! My prayers answered.


My prayers have been answered. Yes, a tad melodramatic, but true. Hi, I’m Jo-Ann and I can only cook one dish. Well, my mom did try to explain to me that the way to a man’s heart was through his stomach and that I had to at least do one dish well. Well, I can say that cooking breyani three meals in a row is not the way to a man’s heart (well, not MY man, that is), so my knight in shining armour came in a big box with a Daily Dish sticker.

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I have been fascinated by these incredible services that bring you all the fresh ingredients in just the right quantities to your door and make the inevitable 5:30pm (when you’re home from work exhausted) “What’s for dinner?” question a rhetorical one. At 5:30pm, I’m.on autopilot. I usually pour two glasses of wine for hubby and I and then we chill with the kids. By 5:45pm, an eyebrow is raised and some gestures are made towards the (deceptively empty) fridge … and then usually a fuss is made until someone orders takeaways which are not packed with the nutritious things a young family needs.

But, I’ve realised that it does indeed take a village to raise a child (and a budding domestic goddess like myself) and the guesswork has been taken out of the meal game by Daily Dish.  Daily Dish is 5 years old and was the first company to introduce this meal concept to South Africa. They have a focus on quality, artisanal food and procure as much raw food as possible directly from the farm and other vendors who share their fanaticism for quality, hygiene and presentation. The chicken is free range and the vegetables are local and seasonal. The meat is sourced from a small, local butcher who supplies top restaurants and has a personal hand in making the bacon and sausages (guaranteed no preservatives). They try to avoid preservatives all together and provide super fresh ingredients as this makes the dishes taste great. So, even your four recipes which come in your weekly box are planned in the sequence that will allow you to have them at the most preferential times.

I ordered the Banting Box (because summer bodies are made in winter and all that supposed jazz) and saw that the future held Banting Chicken Balti on Monday, a Banting Burger on Tuesday, Pork Chop and Romanesco followed by Rump and Remoulade. No boring meals!!!! The prep times ranged from 20-30 minutes and were seriously easy to make. If you can read, you can cook. I can fairly say that after a week of this incredible service, I am sold, If you’re curious (and bored of all the unhealthy heat and eat options most of us working moms hurriedly throw into the trolley when we do the mad dash at 4:55pm), click on Daily Dish and it’ll take you to a Modern Mommy promotion where you’ll get R250 off your first box and a complimentary bottle of wine … because Mom’s need a glass of wine in hand when cooking 😉

Happy (HEALTHY) eating and you can thank me later 😉

Love and light.

Momo JoJo (AKA Modern Mommy Jo-Ann)




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  1. Zeenah Rahim
    Fri, 15 September 2017

    Wow, this would be so awesome for me.
    I am usually home between 5 and 5:30 every evening, with two hungry teenage boys staring at me, not forgetting my 7 month old baby that has a routine like clock work and wants his dinner by 6:15.
    I am like a robotic mess, this would be great if it came in halaal options, it will mean my teenagers can start meals while i feed the baby and wait for dad to arrive!

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