First Birthdays and Giveaways

I’ve always thought that first birthdays were more for parents than for the actual little ones. They’re a rite of passage, a chance for the adults to raise a glass and say, “We’ve survived the first year!”

So, when we celebrated our son’s second birthday this year, it was a lot more low key and chilled than last year’s party! We had our boy’s first birthday at the Camps Bay Retreat and what an incredible feast it was. I had been inspired by a page in Vogue Australia (I know – most unlikely place to find inspiration for a kiddie’s party, but hey) and went with a gingham picnic in baby blue. We literally invited all our friends who had been there for us in the first 12 months of sleep deprivation, nappy changing and countless symptom Google marathons and had an adult picnic where kiddies were allowed. A belated thank you to Darryl and the wonderful Camps Bay Retreat that realised my dream of a perfect picnic complete with champagne caviar (little balls of flavours like strawberry) which we scooped into our festive drinks and toasted ourselves and our boy with.

I was blown away by the birthday cake. It was filled with Smarties and brought such a smile to the kiddies’ faces – absolute sugar rush. Even my kilojoule-conscious friends were tempted into indulging 😉

Anyway, this is a rather short post – wanted to use it as a preamble to the winner anouncements of the recent giveaways, so without further ado, the winners of MM Monday’s giveaways:

Swish & Swank bag: Celeste (you have been e-mailed)

Nicky Stowe Maternity Shoot: Ria (you have been e-mailed)

R1000 cash prize: Candice Erasmus (you have been e-mailed)

Congrats to you and keep visiting our blog!

xx Modern Mommy

AKA Jo-Ann 😉




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  1. Philisiwe Mthemba
    Mon, 04 April 2016

    OMG!! What a beautiful picnic. Youve certainly given me an idea for my daughter’s 1st Birthday Party. Thank you so much.

  2. Isabel Shikwambana
    Mon, 04 April 2016

    I am soooo loving your blog just discovered it today. I cant wait for my lil one to be born so that i try this picnic idea.

  3. Tue, 05 April 2016

    Good Morning Modern Mummy and to all the ladies. I just want to say congratulations to the winning ladies enjoy your gifts.

  4. Sonia
    Wed, 04 May 2016

    I LOVE UR blog its hip and happening, ur sense of humour blow me away
    Love Sonia

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