Dressing for pregnancy

I must confess that dressing during pregnancy is not going to give you major self-confidence points, unless you have a mirror with a slimming effect. Bw Preg dress

And, even after giving birth, you’ll still be wearing some of your maternity pieces, so shop wisely. I picked up around 15-16 kg during the 9 months leading up to our little one’s arrival and managed to hide the extra kilo’s under clever dresses – my favourite being the black and white evening dress I bought on www.spree.co.za which I will be able to wear now and for my next pregnancy and even in between. Clever draping of the fabric across the tummy makes it a very forgiving dress. Another absolute must are preggy jeans – flattering skinny jeans with a wide black stretchy fabric at the top.


Here I found the Cherry Melon brand best and there are a number of other options and great preggy pieces on Spree – “Label of Love” and “Astrid Ray” are great designers – I wore one of Astrid’s dresses nautical themed dresses to my baby shower – less than 2 weeks before giving birth. And it works post birth too with a wide belt. Contrary to popular belief, horizontal stripes do not make you look wider, if worn correctly. I also wore interesting scarves during the pregnancy to show off the bump. I have always been a fan of long empire lines dresses and could wear all my old dresses during the preggy time by positioning my belt just above my belly and under my new growing cleavage! 🙂

Preg dress shootIMG_20140101_163526

Enjoy dressing your baby bump- it only lasts a few months!


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  1. OLGA
    Tue, 08 April 2014

    I am 6mths pragnant and i found that a absolute nitemare to dress up!!!

  2. Azaan
    Tue, 08 April 2014


    I so agree, Cherry Melon is the best.

  3. Tue, 08 April 2014

    Hi Olga, it’s quite a nightmare, I agree 🙂 good luck and check in here for more tips. xx MM

  4. Tue, 08 April 2014

    Woolies also now has a lovely maternity range, I especially love the jeans, wore I wore them for months after my baby.

  5. Lebogang
    Tue, 08 April 2014

    Yes, I love Spree I bought most of my maternity clothes there. Like that Astrid dress that you wearing, I am still wearing it even after and still works with a belly belt. Kinderelo was also helpful, they had wonderful items as well.

  6. Michilene
    Wed, 09 April 2014

    Love the blog! I really liked the Woolworths Preggy Jeans. They costs about R400 for really good quality and still looked great post pregnancy. Oh, and Mr Price have funkier, younger designs for younger mommies. Didn’t suit me but definitely a winner for the hipsters out there 🙂

  7. Sat, 12 April 2014

    Thanks for the comments – online shopping is a definite must when pregnant (especially in the last weeks) and when the new little bundle of delight arrives. You’re home-bound for a few days/ weeks, so you do have time to trawl the net, but not enough time (or energy) to pack baby, drive to the mall, negotiate crowds and then stand in queues after trying on a pair of jeans with baby on the boob 😉 Many online shopping companies/ retailers allow you time to fit when they deliver and they also accept returns.

  8. Sun, 13 April 2014

    Your style is so effortlessly chic. Loving the blog <3

  9. Marian
    Tue, 22 April 2014

    So inlove with your blog…my little boy is 9months and its still a struggle to get my ‘style’ back, it’s like my sense of style just flew out of the window…no more me times, just grab whatever I can find and dash out of the door! My husband works at sea, so I’m home alone with our bundle of joy for up to 3 months(a stay at home-mom at the moment) and after my mom suffered a stroke in Jan this year I have even less time for myself. A blog on dressing for post-pregnancy and also how u manage(cope) with such a busy schedule would be really awesome!

    • Wed, 23 April 2014

      Wow Marian! I hope your mom is doing better. Great ideas for the blog – will keep it in mind. All the best with your baby! X

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