Dear Daughter … just BE AMAZING!

Since time eternal, it seems we’ve been having to tell our girls that they can achieve anything. We’ve had to constantly reaffirm their strengths, their abilities, their potential and tell them that though they were not boys, they could be just as strong. Actually, maybe we’ve been wrong. Maybe by telling them this, they start wondering why, as with their brothers, it goes without saying that they are able to do anything and are stronger than they think? That they are not just equally capable, but actually beyond capable? Maybe it’s because time is a great teacher and because as moms, we’ve got first-hand experience with the fact that though the world attempts to be fair, it is in fact far from it. So, I’ve resolved to teach my girl child to just BE AMAZING … in which ever shape or shade she prefers to do just that. Whether it’s having the most active imagination, the most inexhaustible curiosity, the most daring demeanor or the most caring and compassionate heart.

We wear fifty thousand shades of pink, ooh and aah about pretty princesses and celebrate that we are girls. We host tea parties and ogle cupcakes and revel in the fact that the world can be a beautiful place … and if not, we make it more beautiful. I try to teach her that being a princess is wonderful, but that building her own castle is essential. That its wonderful to have a career and work hard, but just as (and even more so) wonderful to be able to be a mom and be part of raising a little person. That you can have it all, perhaps not all at the same time, but that you can have everything you’ve ever wanted.

About twelve years ago, my husband (and personal Prince Charming) took me on a surprise visit to the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany which inspired Walt Disney’s castles in Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. We spoke about our futures and having children one day and how we’d want to raise them. Would we want them to believe in fairytales and happy endings? We decided that one day, we’d teach them to build their own fairytales and happily ever afters through hard work and determination, but also with a smile in their hearts and kindness in their eyes. To be kind is more important than being powerful, but all too often, we learn this too late.

And now, years later, as we await the arrival of our third bundle of joy (and sleepless nights), we look at our own fairytale that we’ve created. Our own little Disneyland where dreams do come true, where we celebrate our children with endless laughter and the occasional time out in the naughty corner, but a never-ending journey of wonder. We read bedtime stories of Elsa and Anna, Cinderella and Moana and Disney Princesses who have inspired me since my own years as a little girl. We climb mountains, swim in rivers and wrestle and tumble and belly laughter is our favourite life soundtrack.

We take silly selfies, drink tea out of plastic teacups, sing endless versions of “Let it go” with genuine fascination that you our darling daughter are AMAZING. That despite the fact that the world we are raising you in is a jaded place, you are untainted and AMAZING.

So, my little princess, continue teaching us what you already know. Just continue to BE AMAZING!

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  1. Murchell Kamineth
    Thu, 19 April 2018

    Well said…… such an amazing journey to raise little ones. One day you reap everything you sowed…. for now enjoy the seed while they growing and embrace the blooming season ….. so much love to give and more love receive from them unconditionally ❤️💕

  2. Thu, 19 April 2018

    Well said Jo Ann ….such an amazing journey raising little ones. One day you will reap what you sowed… enjoy the sowing embrace the growing and cherish the blooming season….. the love you receive is unconditionally….it feel like you’ve got more than one heart that walk outside you’re own body…. enjoy you’re little angels❤️

  3. Mon, 23 April 2018

    Wishing you & your growing family a happily ever after….

    Much love,

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