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  1. Cassidy Da Silva Franks
    Mon, 12 December 2016

    Hi there,

    I absolutely love your blog and Im not even a mom, yet…
    I am assisting 2 dynamic women in maintaining their very own market that they began in November this year. They decided to start it as they didnt see any other full on, child friendly market within the Southern Suburbs on CT. The market is in the Oude Molen Village in Pinelands, some of the folk on the village have been employed by the ladies to assist on market days.
    I love calling them mompreneurs cause thats what they trully are. They have also decided that a portion of the proceeds from the market will be donated to the Yes We Can Foundation – and in that, have also brought on the kids from the organisation to either show their very own entrepreneur skills and/our musical skills.

    We would love to host you at the market one Saturday/Sunday or even have a chat with you about it via your blog or social?

    Do let me know what your thoughts are.

    Many thanks,

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