Coming soon: Our New House in the Mother City

It’s been a few years in the making ,,, pretty much since the day I drove up this particular street in Cape Town for a Top Billing shoot and wondered out loud (my crew actually remember this) who lived in this street and how I had never driven up here. Since that day, about 14 or so years ago, I’ve been dreaming of living here and this dream comes true in just about 2 months when we’ll be moving into our new house, I’ve said it a few times, dreams are important, but so are actions. Dreams without actions remain dreams. I am sincerely grateful for the chance to build something so special and hope to take you all on this journey with me … so please stay tuned!

Love and light,




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  1. Donolene
    Thu, 03 October 2019

    so true dreams do come true

  2. Lucille Budhu
    Thu, 03 October 2019

    Awesome Jo! Thank you for taking us on this journey with you. Having a vision and a dream works.
    When I looked back at my vision board I was shocked that 90% of it has been achieved.
    Ask, believe, receive…
    Sending you loads of love and light…xoxo

  3. Marlize
    Mon, 07 October 2019

    Hi Jo- Ann.

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