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I find myself chilling on the couch on a Sunday night browsing blogs and sipping on a glass of red wine (both kids are fast asleep and I’m feeling like I’ve just won a string of Olympic medals for putting two kids to bed which should be a celebrated sport – #JustSaying) and I came across this fantastic article on PregnantinCapeTown which is about the importance of using car seats for children.

The grandparents came to babysit this afternoon so hubby and I could steal some us-time and have adult conversation (which now seemingly always revolves around the cute things we saw the kiddies do that day) and as we stopped at a busy intersection, I saw a brand new cabriolet with a couple holding a 3 year old on the passenger’s lap? The roof was down and the child was on the lap of the passenger? I mean, seriously? There is no excuse to endanger a little person’s life. Car seats are not inconveniences – they are essential safety devices!!!

Check out the blog post and please support this wonderful campaign – #CarSeatFullStop!



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  1. Mon, 15 August 2016

    Thank you so much for sharing this! So appreciate the shout out and the support <3

    • Mon, 15 August 2016

      Huge pleasure – love your blog! and such a great initiative!

  2. Tue, 16 August 2016

    Takealot sells these safety harness car seat belt covers that are not too expensive. It is from 3 years old. I got some for my mom’s car so that if I unexpectedly need her to pick them up, she can fasten them with the seat-belt and the cover will guide the belt at the correct place over their chest. Has anyone used them before? I’d like another opinion on them verses a booster/car seat.

  3. Marlie
    Fri, 19 August 2016

    Good day Jo-Ann

    I totally agree with you, It is just sometimes one cannot afford that baby seat that we need/want. I got one that is 12years old,still look new(safeway) but somehow we lost the fitting that we have to strap baby.

    Kind regards

  4. Wed, 24 August 2016

    I really wish people would wake up to the importance of using a car seat! There is a variety of seats on the market some very affordable. There is simply no excuse really. My kids are not allowed to go anywhere unless they are strapped in! I had my third baby a month ago, I sold 40 pairs of shoes and 6 bags of clothes to buy her a car seat! Small sacrifice to make to ensure their safety comes first! I don’t allow my kids in a car without being strapped in (full stop)

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