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One thing I’ve noticed in the past few weeks is how much a community of mothers help to raise a child. And, I’m not only talking about the ones who physically come and drop off ready-made lasagnes and quiches for famished new parents (who are learning that cornflakes every night isn’t exactly a sustainable nutritious diet). I’m talking about the global village at your fingertips. I’ve learnt that one spends a lot of time watching baby sleep and sometimes one does glance at the phone to Google if your child’s development is “normal.” And then, one site links to the next and you soon you kind of get lost in the maze of useless and contradicting information. So, to save you time, I’ve compiled a list of my favourite apps for pregnancy and early parenthood.

For Pregnancy:

Mediclinic Baby


I heard about this app during my hospital visit when I was about 5 months pregnant and enjoyed its simplicity. It even had some great tools like “what to pack” lists for the hospital, a weight tracker, contraction timer and frequently asked questions. It’s free last time I checked, regardless of whether you give birth at a Mediclinic.

BabyCentre (My Pregnancy Today)


This was my favourite app during my pregnancy with great advice, checklists and videos that explained each step of the way. It’s free.

Baby is here:



If you have been part of a prenatal class, start a WhatsApp group to stay in touch. It’s wonderful having a community of moms with babies of the same age going through similar things. And, it’s nice to know that when you’re doing a 3 am feed and are feeling alone – you never are quite “alone.” Free.

Wonder Weeks


This app won a best parenting app prize and I am a fan. It basically (after years of research by a pediatrician which culminated in an award-winning book first) helps you track your baby’s mental developmental leaps and explains why your previously happy, “sleep-through-the-night-all-the-other-moms-hate-my-mom’s-smug-rested-face” baby is not quite the same little person at all times. Costs about R20 but worth it.

My Baby


If you’re a fan of and the BabyCentre app during your pregnancy, you’ll love this one too. Easy to follow and to read and you can interact with other moms in your “birth month group.” Also, there is a South African chat group in this app, but have noticed it’s not that active sadly. They also show nice games to play at different ages to stimulate your baby. Free.

Let me know which apps or websites you enjoy most and please do post some that you prefer – always keen to check out new things! Also, I’ll do a post on my favourite online shopping places soon – when you have a newborn – online shopping is the ultimate convenience!


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  1. Lebogang
    Sat, 26 April 2014

    I agree about the groups, they are wonderful and make you feel supported. I followed the What to Expect Group March 2014 babies. It was very helpful, the ladies open up about everything making you feel that your concerns about pregnancy are not silly but relevant.

  2. Fri, 16 May 2014

    Hi Jo-Ann,

    I can recommend Annabel Karmel’s app when it comes to feeding your baby
    or toddler.

    Tasty, nutritious recipes! Great app!

    • Leila
      Wed, 20 August 2014

      Hey Liza

      I agree with you.. I just started my baby on solids and that app has guided me through it!

      You should get this app Jo-Ann

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