Balmy Boschendal Escape with the Family #JusttheFiveofUs

There are few places on earth that truly possess the ability to leave one speechless. Driving down a long tree-lined avenue to our perfect little cottage in the picturesque winelands, Boschendal firmly imprinted itself as one of those places for me. It was a perfect hot summer’s day and naturally the Boland’s temperatures were 5 degrees higher than the city bowl where we live. I was at University in the area and knew that summer here was best accompanied by crisp rosΓ© and copious amounts of delicious wine. After all, there’s a drought, so it’s the responsible thing to do and have a few glasses of wine and save the water. Knowing that we were staying over in this utopia and did not need to drive back home fueled our thirst πŸ˜‰

We were welcomed with delicious treats and fresh produce from the farm boutique (the seeded loaf was honesty one of the best breads I have enjoyed – I might have finished half a loaf with the carrot hummus). We happened to pick the farm as the venue of my husband’s fortieth birthday party, but we only invited ourselves πŸ˜‰ We spent the Friday night at the night market which is definitely worth a visit. The artisans and carefully curated stalls were a treat to experience and we had a delicious burger and some wonderful samoosas and breyani. And my mom makes the best breyani, so this was the second best I have tasted ever πŸ˜‰ Our kids spent most of the time playing on the farm tractor which was parked perfectly next to the bean bags where I fed our youngest before she passed out and I could indulge in the wine.

We stayed in the Orchard Cottages which I thought were brand new, but they just look that way, They’ve actually been on the estate for over 4 years and are kept immaculately. Long lazy afternoons at the plaas pool and perfect picnics (complete with biodegradable packaging) made for the perfect partners and we just indulged in some family time. We had great intentions of braaiing the fillets we had bought from the farm store that afternoon, but opted to just make a fire and watch stars with the kids as we enjoyed the wood-fired pizza the farm delivered to us. The kids enjoyed bath-time and then mom and dad had some time to soak in the starry skies and drink another glass of Chenin.

The next morning we were treated to a perfect breakfast under the ancient oak trees and then walked through the gardens able to show the kids just where their favorite little carrots had come from for the hummus they are now addicted to.

It truly was a perfect place for kids and gets even better now (hard to believe) as The Treehouse has just been added to the many attractions at Boschendal. It is a kids club of sorts which really allows the little ones to indulge in some quality interactions on the farm. Think bomas where they learn about stars and fun-filled climbing adventures in trees that have stood for many, many years. This idyllic spot has now a permanent fixture on our summer plans.

Thank you to everyone at Boschendal for making us (and especially our kids) feel super welcome and spoilt πŸ™‚

Love and light,

xx Jo-Ann



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