Baby Room preparations

We all want the best for our little bundles of joy and are suckers for the emotional ploys that retailers put out there to entice us to buy things we don’t really need.

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Decorating the baby room has been fun and I must admit that I have a stash of things that I’ll probably never use, but this is a learning process and I’m putting together a sizable stash of “new hand-me-downs” for friends’ unborn babies and various charitable organizations. Our son is half German and half South African – Capetonian to be exact – and we all know that Cape Town folk love to be fashionably late, so we weren’t quite sure which part of his genetic gene pool was going to regulate his arrival time. Thus, making sure that everything arrived on time was quite a feat. Especially since his Capetonian mother ordered everything last minute. ensured that we had a gorgeous compactum (if you’re still in your first trimester – this is the cupboard you change your baby’s nappies on – odd name for a simple thing), cot and freestanding cupboard ready in baby safe paint.


It’s important to get a breathable mattress too. I had lots of fun visiting their showroom in Stellenbosch and picking out the pieces. It’s a husband and wife team who started the business after the birth of their kiddies and them not finding pocket-friendly practical furniture that “grew” with their babies – so, a vested interest indeed. The chair is from the Biggie Best factory shop in Kenilworth – and Dianna was an angel to make sure the chair arrived before baby did. You need a comfortable rocking chair with an ottoman to put your feet up while breastfeeding and trust me – you spend a LOT of time in the chair, so try a happy fabric and do have it “Scotchgarded” as babies are rather messy.

The pram is my big splurge, but more about that in a later post. I found that online shopping for little things for the room was very practical in the last few weeks of my pregnancy as one does feel a bit “huge” and I enjoyed the selection at – and there are various delivery options which means that you can even send someone to collect at the store closest to you for a minimal cost or have it delivered to your home in 1-3 days for R99. Well worth it when you have a slight panic about mattress protectors and laundry bins. Also is an amazing site and they’ve just opened a huge store in De Waterkant (Cape Town) which will make any mother’s heart melt with desire 🙂


The nesting instinct hits you hard just before they arrive – enjoy and indulge.


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  1. Tue, 08 April 2014

    I also picked up a few nice odds and ends for my sons nursery at Mr Price home. Iove shopping there for accessories for both my daughter and sons rooms.

  2. Wendy Cox
    Thu, 10 April 2014

    congrats jo anne and hubby a very special time in your lives enjoy they grow up so quick love and treasure the time with your son

  3. Sat, 12 April 2014

    Thanks, ladies! Been an amazing journey thus far. x MM

  4. Tue, 22 April 2014

    Congratulations Jo. Wow…love reading your MM tips and thoughts…making mental notes for when Reagan and I are on this journey, which will be soon:)

    Lots of love,

    • Wed, 23 April 2014

      That’s so sweet Leandra! Well done on your business and please visit soon. Love to Reagan too.

  5. Tue, 01 July 2014

    Thanks for the mention Jo-Ann. The online store a growing with new products added almost every day. Hope you are enjoying your Bugaboo 🙂

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