Always build on a good foundation … like La Mer

I believe in good foundations in all senses … build your house on solid foundations (more on this soon as we’re about to embark on an epic renovation of our house) and make sure you as a person have solid foundations in terms of your beliefs and value systems. And then, on a slightly more girly note, the right foundation (and here I’m talking make-up) can be the deciding factor in terms of how confident you feel.

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Recently, La Mer invited me to try out their brand new foundations and I was able to invite 5 friends to experience this with me. We were decidedly excited as I have become a huge fan of the brand and have been one of their brand advocates for a few months now. I had always admired La Mer from afar as I was not quite of the opinion that I could afford it, but now, I realize that I had the wrong approach. In hindsight, I realize now that my skin is the best investment I could ever make (it IS your largest organ, in fact) and that one should do all you can to make sure it is as healthy and glowing as possible.

La Mer invited Meagan Afrika, who is their trainer and absolute skincare guru, to take us through the perfect skincare regiments and we all sat glued and entranced (could have been the copious amounts of champers flowing) as she showed us how to make sure we moisturized and understood looking dewy and youthful. I had invited Katryn Kruger, one of my dear friends who happens to be an international model and she volunteered to be the one on which Meagan demonstrated the skincare ritual. It looked indulgent and luxurious – pretty much what one expects from a brand like La Mer and we were taken through all the steps, including my favorite final step using the Renewal Oil to highlight the cheekbones after applying the foundation with the fabulous new foundation brush they’ve just brought out. Meagan shared expert tips like that if you held your brush at the end of the handle, you get lighter coverage, but closer to the actual brush, you would get more coverage. So great for day versus night coverage.

They even provided a ring flash so that we could indulge in a little bit of a narcissistic attack and take our selfies in perfect lighting. Thanks Carine from C Below events and Alex and the team from La Mer for spoiling us today and to Tauriq Ajam for taking these pictures. I’ll be sharing a video of the morning soon.

Lots of love and light -especially the type that emanates from a ring flash 😉

xx Jo-Ann



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  1. Faaima
    Fri, 20 October 2017

    Hi Jo
    So what was your opinion of the product? I am always looking for the correct shade and to date has still not find one, I always have to buy two shades and mixed them to find the correct one because they either make me look too dark or too light ( and by light im talking ghost-vibes) lol. Also, what are they priced at? Anything over R500 for foundation is out of my reach.

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