All I want for Christmas

Every single year, the same thing happens to me. And, for someone who likes to think that she’s well prepared, I’m always surprised at how it sneaks up on me. That feeling, a few days before Christmas when you realise that you have left your gift shopping too late. The feeling of dread knowing that you’ll have to rush to the shops, listening to Boney M and Michael Bublé on repeat and quickly take what you can find as there’s nothing worse than receiving a thoughtful gift from a loved one and not being able to reciprocate.

So, this year, I’ve embraced the convenience of online shopping and headed to my virtual mall early. These 10 gifts from Justine are already under my tree and this is why.

1) The beautiful blue Avalyn handbag is for me and it is a perfect colour to evoke that calm holiday feeling. It reminds me of the ocean and it’s also the perfect size to fit two nappies and wet wipes as well as my wallet and phone when I take our newest baby for a quick mom and daughter date.

2) The Jason Weekender travel bag for my husband is very stylish and the perfect size for our little getaways close by. We’ve decided to do short trips as opposed to our usual long vacations as we are not too keen to head out of South Africa this year until the world feels a little less confusing.

3 and 4) The Fortigrain day and night cream I’ve bought as a combo for my parents. My mom has always loved looking after her skin and I’ve found these creams to be very luxurious and well-priced. The SPF30 is good too, especially for our climate. And I know my dad is always “borrowing” face cream from my mom’s stash (like most husbands do!), so I think this is perfect for both of them.

5) The scent of the diffuser is also luxurious (Dark Orchid) and this is the perfect stocking filler for many of my friends. It’ll bring a lovely element into their homes and also remind them of our friendship in their quiet moments. It’s also well priced so I’ll get a few of these.

6 and 7) The Premium Spa Foam Baths have refreshing scents and I’m also getting them for the same reasons as above. Luxurious and thoughtful. And I’m getting them for us as a family too as we often have a family bath together. Great for the environment to save water and for bonding 🙂

8) The Lionel watch is for my dad. We joke that he is always struggling to keep time as he gets distracted by his phone and countless notifications when he just tries to see the time. This would be a fun retro and cool time piece for him.

9) The body butter is for my friends – if you haven’t tried this, enriched by the legendary Justine Tissue Oil, you’re seriously missing out. Especially my Jozi friends. The Highveld winters zap all one’s moisture and this is the perfect antidote. Also, at the moment, there is an amazing two for one deal on Justine’s site for the Tissue Oil Softening Body Butter.

10) I’ve saved the best for last. This is my new go to for a luxurious pamper without having to fork out loads for a facial. The gold standard SPF 25 Tissue Oil is infused with vitamin C and sweet almond oil. It makes my skin feel amazing and I’m also hoping this is in my Christmas stocking.

I hope I’ve given you some ideas for your Christmas shopping. It’s been a particularly hard year for many people so let’s spread the love this festive season. This is the link to shop online.

With love, laughter and light 



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