69 sleepies until … Christmas!

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Sooooo … Christmas is exactly 69 sleepies away. I can’t believe how every year we seem to have the silly season sneak up on us. This year, though, I am ready and waiting! I have already started a buying a few gifts and have vowed to never again be that person who is frantically running around a shopping center on 23 December for a gift that’ll probably be re-gifted.

I have seen a few malls have started their frenzy-inducing marketing strategies and must admit that I usually succumb to them. This year, though, I am hoping to invoke a bit of an online shopping frenzy with you my readers (it’s SO much more convenient) and show you a few of my favourite things and offer you a chance to win some of them. Firstly, I wanted to show you a few gorgeous items that were sent to my children from H&M and the most awesome “party packs” with 10 sets per guest in them that I received. This was from the Autumn Winter launch earlier this month, so this post is a tad late. I had no idea the Swedish folks stocked these party packs! My good friend advised me that you should only invite as many friends as the kid is old to a birthday party – so a six year old would invite 6 friends, a seven year old 7 friends … you get the picture … so these packs should last us a few years 😉

Also, insider tip, keep an eye out for the the studio ranges or collaborations that H&M launches – the kiddies clothing is out of this world. I cannot wait to put our boy in this coat for the European winter (we are having a white Christmas in Munich with the grandparents) and our daughter still has to grow into these pretty items, but how dreamy? I have serious wardrobe envy and she’s not even 7 months old yet 😉

And for the fashion forward moms, don’t forget that the Kenzo collaboration launches in store on 4 November! I’ll be in the queue as I was for the Balmain collab – I can’t afford the usual Balmain prices, but a girl can aspire 😉

Lots of love and light,

xx MoMo AKA JoJo (or Modern Mommy Jo-Ann if you insist)

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